Wedding Photography

There is nothing like a wedding. One of the most important days in anyone’s life. Being married myself, I realize how precious your wedding photos are. You will look back at them forever. Your children and grand children will go through them over and over again. Searching for their inheritance from you, whether physical of emotional. Either way, its priceless and should be timeless. The wedding photo shoot of the couple alone is one of the most important aspects of a wedding day for me. I prefer doing a engagement or pre wedding photo shoot before the big day; so that the couple can feel relaxed working with me, and know what to expect from a wedding photo shoot. Many of us have never done a photo shoot, and is quite nervous when the day arrive. I have collected a few wedding photos of weddings that I have done. Enjoy, and please share. Yours sincerely. Nedine Schoeman Photography. Yours in wedding photography.

Engagement and Wedding Photographers Bride getting ready


Wedding Photography

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