Tips From a Professional Wedding Photographer

Posted By On 26 Jun 2014

Wedding Photography

1.  Better organisation equals better wedding photography

Even though your wedding photographer are trained and used to working under pressure the whole time; it is still a form of art to take professional wedding photographs, and artistic wedding photographs take time. When a bride is finished early; there is time to give attention to little detail, and maybe, if the bride wants to a little boudoir shoot inbetween.

2.  Be a more relaxed bride

I  know this is the day that youve been waiting for your’e whole life, and the pressure of looking great is on. The odds that something is going to go wrong are 99%. Something will go wrong during your wedding day; so stop trying to be a perfect bride with a perfect wedding. The best photos I get is photos of brides who are relaxed. The wedding photography  is also 10 times easier, because everyone is relaxed around you.

3. Choose a nice venue to get dressed.

I know a wedding is an expensive affair, but for your wedding photographs to look good, it does help a lot if you choose a nice setting. You don’t need to book yourself into a very expensive hotel or guest house, but choose a nice room, even if its a family members home. If  you really cant afford or get anything nice, make sure the room where youre getting dressed is tidy. Your professional wedding photographer  will search for places in and around the house to take photos, but just make sure those things are taken  care of Tip for brides: Choose a room that is quite empty, or take all photographs or paintings off a wall to get better photos.

4. Tell your wedding photographer what you want extra.

The wedding photographer will know the different angles and poses that will look good, and he/she will tell you what to do; but if there is something extra that you want, for example a photo with all your dogs, in your wedding dress, or with the couple photo shoot, you want to show your leg a bit more, tell the photographer. You dont want to look back on your wedding day, and say I wish we did that or we could have done that. Be spontaneous and enjoy the day  fully!!

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