Swaziland Wedding Photography

Nedine Schoeman Photography is based in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. I travel all over South Africa to do weddings. Swaziland is situated on my doorstep; and one of my favourite places to work and visit.

Swaziland Wedding Photography

I specialize in Wedding Photography. My passion is to capture those timeless, once in a lifetime moments that can never be recreated. Swaziland Wedding Photography is very close to my heart, because I love the country, the atmosphere, the people and the breathtaking nature scenes. The vibrant Mbabane Culture is also very close to my heart.

Nedine Schoeman Photography takes a professional, yet friendly and relaxed approach to wedding photography.

Being a married woman, and a woman, I understand the importance of this Holy day. I understand how many hours you spent in preparation for the big day, and that you want to look your best on the photos.  I will strive to accentuate your best features in a way that is classy and feminine.

Mbabane Wedding Photography


I love every moment of my work. I love wedding photography.  I get to capture perfect moments, joy, sorrow and happiness.   I get to capture the present and send it into eternity, for people to look back upon, and smile, cry, reminisce or laugh out loud about times gone by. You will never have this moment over again.

Swaziland Wedding Photography

To make it Mbabane and Swaziland Wedding Photographty a bit easier; I have drawn up a list of frequently asked question

Frequently asked Questions from Swaziland Customers:

  1. What does the wedding photography package include?

I am there to cover the whole day. From décor on the table, the bride getting dressed, groom getting dressed, grooms attire, brides attire, couple photo shoot, family photos, formalities

And then the festivities afterwards.

All of the photos will be edited, and provided on a disc, or can be sent via the internet.  10 printed images, and 2 A4 Canvasses will be included

  1. 2.       How far in advance do I need to book you?

It is essential to book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. A 50% deposit will secure your booking.

  1. 3.       When will my wedding photos be ready?

Your photos will be ready between 4 – 8 weeks.

  1. 4.       How many pictures will I get?

You will get between 400 to 600 photos.

  1. 5.       What must I provide you with?

For Swaziland Wedding Photography I travel to the destination, so I will need accommodation and travel cost included. At the reception I will need dinner and a place to sit, preferably close to the table of bride and groom

  1. 6.       What time of day must my ceremony start?

This is a very important question. I always tell my clients that the most important pictures of the day is the couple pictures of the bride and groom. Therefor we need enough time to capture these moments. Plan the time of your ceremony about 3 hours before sunset. These times will vary from season to season. Contact me if you need help on the planning of the schedule.

Mbabane Wedding Photography

I am looking forward to experience these special moments with you. Contact me on the following address to make an appointment to meet me in person.

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Nedine Schoeman Photography is a professional wedding photographer. Mbabane , Swaziland lies at my door; and is one of my favorite places to work and visit.

 Book me for your special day for just $ 1,500

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