Nadine Matric Farewell Photography

Nadine’s matric farewell was a the fairytale that every little girl dreams  about.  This matric farewell photo shoot was definitely one of my favourites. The whole morning was relaxed and laid back with ice tea and rose petals. Nadine’s natural beauty, (and she is gorgeous!!) , made it easy for me to get the most elegant and beautiful photos. The lovely “poppy pink” as she described it to me;  was the perfect contrast to her dark hair and complexion. What a fun and beautiful matric  farewell photo shoot. Enjoy the photos.

Matric farewell Photo Shoot Matric farewell Matric farewell photo shoot Pretoria Professional Photographer Pretoria Photographer Nadine (9 of 13) Nadine (8 of 13) Nadine (7 of 13) Matric farewell Nadine (4 of 13) Nadine (2 of 13) Nadine (2 of 3)

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