Engagement Photo Shoot Cheralyn and Ernst

It’s three weeks before the big day for Cheralyn and Ernst. The decided to work in a quick engagement photo shoot. Cheralyn needed a few photos for the wedding reception. I once again realized how important an engagement photo shoot is. As the photographer, I got to know Cheralyn and Ernst a whole lot better, and they feel much more relaxed in front of the camera, which plays a big factor in great photos.We worked on a few poses which we want to use for  the wedding photos, and the couple also threw in a few ideas of their own. The day ended in a beautiful golden sunset( I always love that!!). I’m looking forward to a stunning wedding at Umbali. Cant wait to see the beautiful couple walking down the aisle. The wedding photos will be available end of June on my website.

Engagement Pictures

Engagement Photography

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